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The members of Tri-County AORN have volunteered our time toward the beautification of Berks county roads.  Four times a year, with the assistance of Penn-DOT, we will clean a two mile stretch of road in Oley Township.

Saturday April 17, 2004 the "Rubbish Rangers" were hitting the road again, 26 trash bags were collected, with a little help from AORN members, family and friends.  Breakfast at the Oley Legion Diner was the best!!!

Great Job Team!!


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p9120004.jpg (63016 bytes) p9120015.jpg (54332 bytes) p9120022.jpg (58972 bytes)

November 2, 2002

On Saturday,  November 2, 2002 many AORN  members and 2 non members braved  early morning cold to beautify a section of Berks county roads.  We made quick work of our 2 mile stretch, a little over 2 hours, not bad for amateurs. Some thrills, no spills, but lots of laughs were had by all. Great job by our AORN members, Bonnie,Jen,Sue,John, Lisa, Patty and me Karen.  Hope to see a greater turnout for our next trek.  A special thanks to Grover and Luke for volunteering their time to AORN.  

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37.jpg (31088 bytes)
meeting of minds
39.jpg (44691 bytes)
Grover+Luke honorary AORN volunteers
41.jpg (41251 bytes)
how do the prisoners wear these?
42.jpg (48505 bytes)
ready to hit the road
43.jpg (37262 bytes)
smiling now...
45.jpg (49227 bytes) 46.jpg (49930 bytes) 47.jpg (41623 bytes)
group photo or head count?
48.jpg (52849 bytes)
our first of many pieces of trash
49.jpg (56957 bytes)
did we volunteer for this hazarderous duty?
50.jpg (52021 bytes)
Sex,Lies and Videotapes
51.jpg (43401 bytes)
Blair Witch Project revisited
53.jpg (31171 bytes)
found the makin's of a good breakfast
54.jpg (54118 bytes)
new nickname"Barb-wire"
55.jpg (56689 bytes)
bringing back memories
56.jpg (59060 bytes)
"the longest mile"
60.jpg (70063 bytes)
success! a job well done!


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