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Basket Bingo






Once again, our Fifth Annual Basket Bingo was a great success. Food, fun and baskets were had by young and old  alike. A variety of handmade baskets went home with excited Bingo players.  We'd like to extend a big  thank you to Jody, "bingo caller extraordinaire" ,our generous contributors, AORN volunteers, and the businesses/individuals for their donations.  Without their support this event could not be possible.

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p1010026.jpg (56960 bytes)
"good luck"

p1010027.jpg (57292 bytes)
"that will be..."

p1010028.jpg (59168 bytes)
loads of fabulous prizes

p1010029.jpg (59324 bytes)
our fearless leader

p1010030.jpg (61640 bytes)

p1010031.jpg (59848 bytes)
more baskets

p1010032.jpg (58176 bytes)
this is how you play

p1010033.jpg (59576 bytes)
Ann our basket consultant

p1010034.jpg (19621 bytes)
Dawn dancin in the aisle

p1010035.jpg (55168 bytes)

p1010036.jpg (56968 bytes)
"don't shoot I'm hideous"

p1010037.jpg (58528 bytes)
"I said 1 hotdog!"

p1010038.jpg (59404 bytes)

p1010039.jpg (58800 bytes)

p1010040.jpg (59340 bytes)

p1010041.jpg (59096 bytes)

p1010042.jpg (59216 bytes)

p1010043.jpg (56504 bytes)

p1010044.jpg (38117 bytes)

p1010045.jpg (59708 bytes)
where are Amy's baskets?

p1010046.jpg (59192 bytes)

p1010047.jpg (61472 bytes)
Brenda getting here under the wire

p1010048.jpg (57340 bytes)
Patty multi-tasking

p1010049.jpg (59400 bytes)

p1010050.jpg (59760 bytes)
will the kitchen ever win a basket? 

p1010052.jpg (62444 bytes)

p1010051.jpg (37794 bytes)


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